Get now the bags that will make you shine with all kinds of looks. From the most spacious, practical and all-terrain shopping bags, to the most elegant and sophisticated party bags, including crossbody, shoulder or handbag bags. Discover our latest collection and fall in love with the most current, comfortable and 100% original bags for women and men. Bags that interpret the latest trends without ever losing the essence of Binnari.

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If there is an accessory that cannot be missing in any self-respecting look, it is the bag. In fact, on many occasions a good bag can become the focus of all eyes and the cornerstone that turns a bland outfit into a spectacular one.

When buying a bag, especially if you are going to buy a bag online, there are many considerations that must be taken into account so as not to get carried away and screw up. It is about each bag you buy, whether for everyday or occasional use, adding some value to your wardrobe.

Buy bag online: Binnari bags, a brand to trust

When a brand accumulates more than 30 years of experience and has become a leading reference in the bag market, it is for a reason. Binnari is a brand you can trust and that is why thousands of women from all over the world bet on our bags every season. A hallmark of trust that is a guarantee when buying bags online.

Buy a bag: The keys to a Binnari bag

It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 10 bags in your closet. You could always use a few more, right? We understand you, because bags are essential accessories when putting together any outfit worth its salt. In addition, buying quality bags is one of the best investments you can make, since many of them become true wildcards or wardrobe essentials that will accompany you for years and years without losing an iota of their style.

Going to the stores to buy a new bag is quite an experience, but with how tight we all have lately, it is becoming more and more common to buy a bag online. The offer is very wide and you have to have things very clear so as not to get carried away and end up buying a bag that is not worth it or that you are hardly going to use.

Here, there are some of the characteristics that define Binnari bags and that you will always find in our store.

The occasion makes the bag

It seems obvious, but many times we do not stop to think about it. When buying a bag, the first thing you must keep in mind is when, how and for what you are going to use the bag.

A bag can be very nice, but not be the right one for you at a particular time. Do you really need a party bag with no events in sight or would you be better off spending your money on an everyday handbag?

Here you can buy Binnari bags for all occasions such as:

  • Shopper bags: as their name suggests, shopper bags are the most suitable for shopping, as they are large, comfortable and resistant to withstand long days with them slung over the shoulder. Many women also use them to go to work, especially when they need to carry many things in them every day, such as notebooks, mobile phones, tablets or even laptops. They are also suitable for traveling, as they allow you to store everything you need during the journey or while visiting any destination.
  • Shoulder bags: shoulder bags are the wild card of bags, since you can use them for practically everything, except to accompany a party look. They are medium in size and some have several pockets or compartments so you can keep everything perfectly organized. Shoulder bags are the most used to go to work with semi-formal looks, but they can also accompany you shopping, having a drink with friends or traveling.
  • Crossbody bags: comfort is the fundamental attribute of crossbody bags. Carrying the crossbody bag relieves much of the weight that normally falls exclusively on the shoulder. You know what we’re talking about, right? On the other hand, we have to say that crossbody bags are the bags of an informal nature, which you cannot wear with formal office looks or party looks. They are all-terrain bags for everyday use, perfect to wear with your most beloved and comfortable dress or casual jeans.
  • Handbags: formal outfits and occasions are the best match for handbags. They are small bags and not so comfortable, but, on the other hand, their design is elegant and they enhance any look.
  • Party bags: formality and practicality tend to be left aside when we talk about party bags. they are small fantasy bags that we should always choose in combination with our party outfits to make them even more spectacular. Colorful, appliqués, original shapes, everything goes when buying party bags.

Men’s bags: at Binnari we do not forget that more and more men are incorporating the bag into their daily outfits, for comfort, versatility, and style. We have a range of men’s bags designed with your needs in mind.

Quality above all

When buying bags online the first thing that catches our attention is the design. But we cannot forget that quality is the most important thing. It is something that we are very clear about in Binnari bags.

From the choice of materials to the design, going through every detail: seams, zippers, closures, pockets, appliqués. We test everything a thousand times before putting it on sale to make sure that buying Binnari bags is buying quality, resistant bags that can withstand your pace of life and the whiplash you want to give them.

Trends, yes. Own style too

Another of our characteristics as a brand is that we like to stay true to our essence and our hallmarks, adapting them to the latest news and trends in the bag market. Binnari girls, women and men know how to recognize our bags and at the same time they find the most up-to-date materials, colors and designs in each season. The perfect combination between trend and essence.

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