Los bolsos son cosas de hombres

Why bags are also men’s thing

12 de October de 2021

Bags have long ceased to be an exclusive accessory for women. More and more men carry a bag on a daily basis or on special occasions, as they have discovered how comfortable, practical and stylish this accessory is. And they are not willing to give it up.

The truth is that fashion, like any other area of life, increasingly tends to break down stereotypes and propose unisex proposals, suitable for all genders. On the catwalks of big cities, designers often present us with men with bags very similar to those of women, adapted to different more or less formal looks.

On the street there may still be some differences between men’s and women’s bags, but no one doubts that their use among men is more than widespread. Bags are (also) a thing for men and we are going to explain why.


Men’s bags are comfortable and practical

No more carrying your pockets crammed with things that get stuck in you while you walk or sit in the car. Or having to always go with the mobile or the keys in hand. Undoubtedly, bags are the best allies to be able to carry your things well stored and organized.

Whether shoulder bags, backpacks or crossbody bags, men’s bags are above all comfortable to wear and highly practical. As soon as the men discover it, there is no turning back. They incorporate the bag into their day-to-day as an essential, just like women.

Men’s bags are versatile

Many men have succumbed to the charms of handbags, but they are usually unwilling to buy a bag for every occasion. That is why those of us who manufacture bags for men, as we do at Binnari, always think of designing very versatile bags that can be used on different occasions. Bags in sober, elegant and multipurpose colours, made with all-terrain materials so that they adapt to any day-to-day situation

There is a wide variety of men’s bags

They may not dream of having dozens of bags in their wardrobe, but they do have very clear tastes and are always looking for bags that suit their style, their needs and their personality.

Some people like small shoulder bags for men, in which to put just their most basic belongings. Others, however, prefer large men’s bags to carry across the body or on the shoulder, to be able to put items for work, shopping or any other small or medium-sized item in them.

Men’s travel bags are also gaining ground in recent years. Halfway between a handbag and a cloth bag or suitcase, these bags are ideal for carrying everything you need on hand for work or leisure trips. And, in addition, wear it with style and elegance.

Backpacks for men are perhaps the most used male bags, because they are very comfortable to carry. We are not referring to sports backpacks, which they have always used, but to more formal and elegant backpacks to take to work or to use in any day-to-day situation. And it is that men are betting more and more on designer backpacks in all kinds of materials.

Men’s bags are stylish

Many men fundamentally look for practicality or versatility in a bag, but the truth is that more and more people also take into account the aesthetic component. That is, they are looking for bags that fit their style when it comes to dressing and that combine with their most stylish looks.

Let’s not forget that, after all, the bag is much more than a practical object. It is a full-fledged fashion accessory for both men and women.

And you, have you already incorporated men’s bags into your day-to-day life? What are your favorite men’s bags? Leave us your comment.