Shopper bags or crossbody bags?

9 de November de 2021

Bags are today a more than essential accessory in our day to day life. They help us carry everything we need with us but they are also a great ally when it comes to finishing off our look. They can add that differential touch and completely change your look. For example, an all black look combined with a red bag gives us strength, an all white look combined with a brown or beige bag transports us to a boho and relaxed style.

For this reason, today bags and accessories are essential for any occasion. They accompany us, help us, complement us. In the end, bags become another feature of our personality and our tastes.

Have you ever heard that phrase that says ‘tell me what bag you will use today and I will tell you who you are’? Without realizing it, the bag we use shows many things about us, about our personality, our tastes and our style.

In general, we tend to divide ourselves into two large groups: medium/large sized shopper bags or smaller sized crossbody bags. But how do you know which bag to choose for each occasion?

Next, we help you to know how to choose the type of bag according to the occasion:

Shopper bags

Shoppers bags are comfortable and effective bags, essential in any season. We all need a spacious bag in which to put our world, our things, our essentials.

The size of the shopper bags is their most characteristic feature, which is why we can easily recognize them: their size is larger than that of the usual bags and in it you can carry everything you need without having space problems. In general, it also usually has two large handles that facilitate its transport.

It is a bag designed for all-terrain women, for women who in their day to day need to carry many things or have a lot of space. For this reason, shopper bags are usually used on more informal occasions, in everyday situations.

Going shopping, going to the office, going for a coffee or going to the library are some of the perfect situations in which you will need a bag with a large capacity. In addition, it should be noted that these bags are timeless: you can use them perfectly in summer to go to the pool, take a walk or go out to eat, as well as in winter to go have a warm coffee or go to a shopping center.

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Crossbody bags

Giving a radical turn to your outfit is possible. The range of possibilities that a crossbody bag can offer us is very large: from mini crossbody bags, normal size crossbody bags, medium size crossbody bags to slightly larger crossbody bags, from simple and basic crossbody bags for our day to day to elegant and sophisticated crossbody bags for the night or a special occasion.

Crossbody bags are another of the essentials that cannot be missing in a woman’s wardrobe. It is one of the favorite accessories for women of any age: this is the most versatile bag you will find, it is one of the most practical, functional and timeless of all seasons due to the combination possibilities it offers.

The crossbody bags are characterized by having a long adjustable strap to be able to carry the bag hanging from the shoulder or crossed. They are usually small or medium in size, depending on the occasion and the moment we can choose one or the other.

Contrary to the shopper, the crossbody bag will allow us to only really carry the essentials, such as lipstick, keys, wallet and mobile. Here it is time to reduce and take with us only what is strictly necessary.

Within the crossbody bags, we can find many designs: from more elegant designs ideal for a meal or for the night, or more informal designs designed to accompany you in your day to day. So no matter what your style is: you will find a crossbody bag suitable for what you are looking for and the occasion that requires it.

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So, shopper bag or shoulder bag?

To make this decision we must look at 2 factors mainly:

  • Is it a formal or informal occasion? In general, on formal occasions we will use crossbody bags or mini crossbody bags with elegant and sophisticated designs, and we will leave shopper bags and crossbody bags with a more casual design for more informal occasions of our day to day.
  • What do I need to take with me? If you need to carry many essentials, it is better to use a shopper since it has more space. After all, the shoulder bag has a reduced space, and we would have to choose among all our essentials the most important ones to accompany us.

Now that we know the key differences between a shopper bag and a crossbody bag, we invite you to take a look at our proposals in our online store and let yourself fall in love with our Binnari bags.