New Spring / Summer 2022 collection: part 1

1 de March de 2022

Good weather arrives, sunny days, long walks, a drink on a terrace… and do you know what that means on the other hand? The new Binnari collection is finally here!

After the cold winter with its dark tones, spring comes full of bright colors, colors that convey joy and happiness.

We are going to dedicate this post to presenting the new Binnari collection, with its different models and collections. We were looking forward to it finally coming to light and making you fall in love with it as much as we did!


New Binnari collection: HORIZON

Between the sky and the sea, with the Mediterranean in the background and with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, we present our new collection, baptized as ‘Horizon’.

Fresh air, views of paradise, an invitation to escape on the fine sand, by the pool or stroll through its charming streets and colorful houses.

Choosing a Binnari bag is choosing the essence of the Mediterranean, it is enjoying summer, its warm colors full of life.

This season, the name of our collections are named after different types of flowers.

Amaranth Collection

The Amaranta flower is interpreted as “the imperishable” or “the everlasting”. This name represents the virtue of eternal youth, and gives delicacy, beauty and strength to those who wear it as their own.

That is why our Amaranta collection is based on a totally timeless collection, with a strong character and ready to accompany you with all your essentials in your day to day.

We have presented this collection in several very versatile colors so that they can match all your looks: beige, khaki, red and black. It has 4 versions: the mobile bag in which you can only carry the essentials (mobile, cards and keys); the backpack bag that you can adapt to each situation by carrying it as a shoulder bag or as a backpack; the shoulder bag with an ideal medium size and the shopper that has a greater capacity inside and two types of handles to be able to carry it by hand or on the shoulder.

Check it out!

Begonia Collection

The Begonia flower is a flower that has various shades on its petals, and this is what our Begonia collection is like!

A mix of different colors on the sides, body and top of the bag. It also includes a decorative keychain with multicolored cords that adds a special touch to the collection.

It is available in 3 possible combinations: green and ice, yellow and ice or black and ice. Yellow and green are ideal colors for this spring and very easy to combine. The black color is the timeless basic that should always be in our wardrobe. It has 3 different versions: the shoulder bag with an ideal size for your day-to-day, the shoulder bag that will accompany you everywhere and that allows you to carry everything you need with you, and the shopper that has the most space.

Without a doubt, this collection is the must have of the season!

Lilies Collection

Lilies allow us to create a colorful and natural environment thanks to the variety of colors and shapes that exist. They are exotic flowers, resistant and with a fragrance that makes you fall in love. And, as if that were not enough, it is a flower loaded with symbolism. They are widely used flowers precisely because of their size and because they are voluminous flowers that fill any corner with color.

This is our Lirios collection: love at first sight and an accessory that fits perfectly with any look, providing an elegant touch. It has 3 different versions: two shoulder straps and a handbag that can also be converted into a shoulder strap thanks to the additional handle it includes. We can find this collection in a camel color that is ideal for the coming season, a cava tone that is ideal for giving your look a more formal touch, and in ice and black as essential basics.

What do you think?

Lys Collection

The validity of the fleur-de-lis through time gave it different interpretations, being a symbol of power, sovereignty, honor and loyalty, and also of purity of body and soul. Thanks to all these interpretations, it is used in different contexts. In addition to all the meanings and interpretations that the fleur de lis has, different values ​​are attributed to it: joy, love, renewal, etc.

That is why our Lis collection is a collection that represents strength, with an innovative design, capable of accompanying you in the ups and downs of your day to day life.

You can find it in 3 different colors: ice, stone or green. In addition, we can find this collection in 4 different formats: in the form of a backpack, ideal for carrying everything you need comfortably; the mobile bag in which you can only carry the essentials such as your mobile, cards and keys; the shoulder bag with a medium size and ample interior space to carry what you need in your day to day; and finally, the bowling bag, with the classic format of bowling bags and its two upper handles, as well as including a second handle ideal for carrying it as a shoulder bag.

What do you think of this collection?

Tulip Collection

Tulips are still very special flowers today, an always pleasant gift, which have different values ​​attributed to their meaning: lasting friendship, youth, femininity, happiness, good energy, elegance, sophistication, etc.

For this reason, our tulip collection will add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your looks.

You can use it both in your day to day and in weekend plans such as lunch or dinner.

We can find this collection in 4 different colors: camel, cava, ice and black. In addition, it includes a two-tone chain with two possibilities of use: you can leave it hanging as a decoration, or use it to carry the different bags as shoulder bags. It has 4 versions: the medium-sized bag with two handles, ideal for going to the office; the shoulder bag and the shoulder bag with flap ideal for a dinner party; and finally, the shoulder bag, which has more capacity inside.

What’s yours?

Violet Collection

Violet symbolizes tranquility, the personal development of each human being. So much so, that some psychologists have come to affirm that this plant helps to relax a person.

This is our violet collection: with a boho style, it will bring a relaxed and sophisticated air to your looks. We can find it in two versions: natural raffia with leather-colored leather effect details, or black and natural multicolored raffia, with black leather-effect details. It has 3 different models: the smallest version is a crossbody bag with the possibility of carrying it as a shoulder bag thanks to the additional handle that is included; shoulder bag with a medium size and spacious interior, also with the possibility of carrying it as a crossbody bag; and finally, the shopper bag that has the largest size of the three.

Which one do you prefer?