A bag for every occasion: the best women’s bags

12 de October de 2021

If there is an accessory that always accompanies us, that is the bag. It doesn’t matter if we go to work, shopping, partying, for a walk or for a drink. We will always need a bag to store our belongings. But not all bags are created equal. Depending on where we go, how we dress or what we want to store, we are going to need bags of different sizes, styles, shapes, capacities or materials. You would never think of going to a wedding with a huge shopper bag, right?

Luckily there are many types of bags that are suitable for every imaginable situation and at Binnari you have them all at your disposal. What is the perfect bag for every occasion? Take note


Shopping: Shopper bags

We’re going shopping! And we need a large, off-road bag that is very comfortable to carry. It is what is called a shopper bag or a shopping bag.

The main characteristics of the shopper bags are:

  • Large capacity: They are large enough to store your wallet, glasses, keys, mobile phone, a bottle of water, a snack to recharge your batteries and even part of your purchases.
  • Two large handles: Shopping bags have to be comfortable to carry, so they don’t bother you and leave your hands free while you do your shopping. They generally have two large handles to carry them on the shoulder or on the forearm, and some models also incorporate two smaller handles to carry them by hand, or a longer handle to carry them across the body.
  • Resistant materials: The best shopper bags are all-terrain bags, which you can carry hanging for hours while shopping, walking or making a technical stop to eat. In addition, they have to be made with resistant materials because we usually carry a lot of weight.

The shopper bags are the ideal companion for your shopping days but they are not only used for that, since their great capacity, resistance and comfort make them also perfect as a bag to go to work, if you do not have to go very dressed, or to travel. .

To work or for a drink: Handbags

Handbags are the perfect accessory for more formal occasions or looks. They are smaller bags with short handles to carry them by hand. When to use them? They are suitable for jobs that require grooming and also for going out for lunch, dinner or a drink.

Characteristics of handbags:

  • Small or medium size: They have the capacity to carry basic personal items. Being designed to be carried by hand, they cannot weigh too much, or they would be uncomfortable.
  • Small handles: They have two small handles to carry them by hand and some also incorporate a long handle to carry them on the shoulder or crossbody type.
  • Careful design: The design is important in handbags, since they will accompany you when you go a bit more dressed up. You will find them in different materials, colors and styles, which fit with different looks and occasions.

Casual Occasions: Shoulder Bags

Crossbody bags combine the comfort of shopper bags with the size and design of handbags to become bags you can wear for almost any occasion, as long as it’s not too formal. You can wear them on informal jobs, to run errands or to make small purchases. They are comfortable and very practical.

Characteristics of the crossbody bags:

  • Medium or small size: crossbody r bags are not usually very large, since if they had too much weight they would damage our shoulders and back.
  • Long handle: The main characteristic of crossbody bags is that they have a long handle so they can be carried across the body. That is why they are also known as crossbody bags.
  • Informal design: They usually have several pockets and are made of resistant materials.

A bag for everything: Shoulder Bags

Medium or large in size, shoulder bags are the elegant version of shopping bags, or the large version of handbags. In other words, bags with enough capacity, but with a more careful design, which you can use for occasions or semi-formal looks. They are very versatile. Take them comfortably to work or to go shopping in style.

Characteristics of shoulder Bags:

  • Medium or large size: By carrying them on the shoulder we can carry them more without hurting ourselves.
  • Two large handles: To be able to carry them on the shoulder. Sometimes they include other smaller handheld ones.
  • Formal design: Its size is not at odds with a good design, nor with the use of more noble materials or metallic details.

Let’s go party: Party bags

Special occasions deserve special bags. The party bags stand out for their small size and for their elegant or fantasy design. The ideal is to combine them perfectly with the look you have chosen for the occasion. Weddings, baptisms, communions or that special dinner.

Characteristics of party bags:

  • Mini size: These are bags that barely fit what is essential.
  • Without handles or with a thin handle: Most party bags are handbags or hand clutches, although they usually incorporate a thin metallic strip that can be put on or taken off as you like, in case you need to hang them on your shoulder.
  • Fantasy designs: There are no rules for the design of handbags. They play with textile materials, plastic, metal or different types of natural or synthetic leather to achieve elegant or striking results.

What do you think of our classification of the best women’s bags for every occasion? Leave us your comment.